Mr Siegfried Weiser

Member, Past Chairman

Siegfried Weiser is president and owner of LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS, an international cosmetic company.

His industry experience includes building up companies in North America, England, France, Switzerland, and Germany.

Siegfried’s activities include membership of the board of various leading family-owned companies throughout Europe.

He is very much involved in philanthropical work and activities. As an honorary senator of the University of Pforzheim, he is active in the international MBA programmes, the sponsorship prizes, and the prizes for leadership.

In addition, he sponsors talented young athletes in various sports fields, for example, horse riding, tennis, rowing, athletics, and car racing. Moreover, the horse LA BIOSTHETIQUE SAM won the world championships in eventing in Kentucky in 2010.

Siegfried has earned broad public recognition and holds several awards.

A board member since 2008, he has been serving as Chairman of the Foundation since September 2012. He is also actively involved in the Saudi Arabian Scout Movement.

Siegfried has four children. His sons Jean-Marc and Felix work in the company; daughters Isabelle and Annabelle are still at school. The whole family is actively involved in Scouting, and are Baden-Powell Fellows.

Siegfried loves music and the theatre. For several years now, the annual concert that he organizes with renowned singers from all over the world has attracted a grateful audience.

The Weiser family lives in Germany and France.