Dr Jens Ehrhardt

Officer, Secretary

Date of birth: 17.03.1942
Place of birth: Hamburg
Parents: Alfred Ehrhardt, movie producer Liselotte Ehrhardt, maiden name Dannemeyer
1948 – 1954 Primary School, Hamburg
1955 – 1960 Scouting Hamburg (Vikings)
1954 – 1962 A-level GCE (Abitur) at Secondary School Bondenwald, Hamburg
1962 – 1964 Business Management, University of Hamburg
1964 – 1968 Diploma (graduated with distinction) in Business Management (Diplomkaufmann), Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
1966 – 1968 Student Speaker of Business Management Faculty Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
1964 – 1968 Various internships at leading banks in Munich and abroad
1969 – 1974 Partner PM - Portfolio Management Munich, at that time the largest independent Asset Management Company
1972 – 1974 PhD Graduation at University Munich: “Kursbestimmungsfaktoren am Aktienmarkt unter besonderer Berücksichtigung monetärer Determinanten” (Price-determination at the stock market under special consideration of monetary influence)
1974 to date Founder, owner and managing director of publishing and investment information company “Finanzwoche Verlagsgesellschaft für Anlage- information GmbH – Börseninformationsdienst“
1974 to date Co-owner of DJE Kapital AG (respectively precursor companies), one of the largest bank-independent German Asset Management  Companies
2002 to date Board Member of DJE Investment S.A., Luxembourg
Since 2005 Member of the Board of World Scout Foundation
Author and co-author of many books during the last 40 years.
Many published articles in leading economic publications and newspapers.
Countless public and business lectures for banks and private investors. Seminars for investment analysts. 
Participation in countless national and international TV-programmes, public and business