Gifts for Peace


Scouts worldwide celebrated 100 years of Scouting in 2007 by presenting their “Gifts for Peace” locally, nationally and internationally. The aim of this global initiative is to inspire young people to tackle issues in their communities, build peace and bring people together. Building bridges between people has been a central focus of Scouting since its inception when Baden-Powell brought together boys from different social backgrounds. In 1920  young people from countries which had been at war with each other gathered at the first World Scout Jamboree, in a celebration of cultures, fun and friendship.

The Gifts of Peace projects have given renewed emphasis to active promotion of peace around the world. Gifts for Peace are projects undertaken by 110 national Scout organisations for their impact in terms of education, understanding, tolerance and respect for others through progammes which deal in:

Managing conflict without violence: conflict resolution, problem solving, negotiation, meditation and anger management. Challenging prejudices and stereotypes such as racism, religious intolerance, bullying and gender discrimination. Encouraging greater solidarity with internally and externally displaced people, asylum seekers, street children and ethnic minority groups. And, to work at national and local levels on issues including child soldiers, child labour, street violence, health education and human rights.