Scouts in Action

As Scouting’s international outreach has continued to grow and gained influence - His Majesty has issued “The Ultimate Challenge”:
“I have been a Scout all my life and since I started out, Scout life has often helped me fulfil my duties.
Scouting is a great training ground for leadership and also for social services. I can see the impact of the work these young people do to help their communities through Scouting. I am still a convinced supporter of Scouting. One of the most significant learning experiences for any Scout is when he or she is on camp – away from home and the “normal” society. A Scout learns to deal with new situations, to take responsibility and to think for him- or herself. The experience is enriched when camps involve Scouts from different countries, nationalities and different cultures. The experience can last a lifetime.
This is especially so every four-year at a World Scout Jamboree. These camps are planned as a mosaic of small, personal, learning activities. Scouts from 160 countries attend. The biggest issue for the organizers is not necessarily about what 38,000 or so participants are doing during their ten days in camp because, in fact, the most important issue is what kind of values they bring back home, and how they use Scout values in their daily lives.
The ultimate challenge, which we strive to attain, is to get participants to go home and put into action what they have learned during the jamboree. The Scouts, despite the large numbers who attend, always live in “small camps” in the countryside for a few days but these are randomly mixed amongst others from many other countries meaning that young people from all over the world are free to mingle, an opportunity rarely enjoyed by people of a similar age.
We try to ensure that the learning will open their minds to the beauty of nature, and help them appreciate each other’s culture. And there are programmes to help them learn about health, environment or peace activities. But above all, around the campfire, at their workshops, in their small groups, we want them all to hear and understand this “ultimate challenge” – to return home and change the world!  
I believe that Scouting works. I am confident that those 38,000 youngsters and many millions will accept the challenge and be inspired to become Messengers of Peace around the world.”