Trained, prepared and active - Indonesian Scouts

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

INDONESIA, Kaliajir - In Central Java, heavy rains have been pouring in recent months. For as long as people can remember, these seasonal storms have been a dangerous neighbour for hundreds of thousands of people who call the area home.

To support communities prepare and respond to these cyclical events, Gerakan Pramuka - the Scouts of Indonesia - have been mapping out natural disaster events in each community around the country and developing an action plan to respond quickly and appropriately when dangers occur.

From the mapping process, the Scouts found that the village of Kaliajir is affected by landslides when the seasonal rains come. In March 2017, 140 homes were bombarded by a landslide trapping people in buildings and destroying the neighbourhood. The local 'Central Java Scout Disaster Response Team' have been prepared, trained and ready for the rains to come and the dangers that they bring with them. Ubaloka, as they call themselves, responded quickly by putting on their orange uniforms and evacuating the local population. They then went back to where the village used to stand and searched for survivors.

Their rapid response is helping to protect community.