Ticket to Life Scouts - Massive Fire Caused Disaster

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On 18 August 2017, a massive fire gutted the community where the Ticket to Life Scouts (#ticket2life) live in Manila (Philippines) leaving two persons dead and hundreds homeless.
All the Ticket to Life Scouts are safe. However, the families of our brother Scouts were affected - John-John, Rincent, Arcie (RC), Jericho, and Jesther. Their houses were gutted down by the fire - including all their personal belongings.

Nothing was left, but the spirits are HIGH tough! Amazing kids!

They believe that they can rise and overcome this temporary challenge, like the Phoenix, but the reality is the families have nothing to start to build their houses.

The World Scout Bureau has created an Emergency Project on the brand new Scout Donation Platform (launched last week at the 41st World Scout Conference in Baku) and it using it's social media channels to gather support for these Scouts. The Emergency Project will have three phases and Phase 1 is now published.

  • The project can be found here
  • More about Ticket to Life can be found here
  • More about the disaster can be found on FaceBook

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