Thank You - A message from Mexico

Friday, September 22, 2017

The President of Scouting in Mexico, Francisco Macías, has written a message of thanks to all of those who have sent their prayers, thoughts and support to the people of Mexico. The Scouts are continuing their work and are doing their best.

As events have unfurled over the past two days the extent of damage and lives lost begins to hit home.

Yes, I am proud of all the Scouts who are giving their time and effort, they really are doing their best in this situation.

We, Scouts Mexico, have responded to the call and in the aftermath of the quakes started coordinating efforts from our National Office, which was not greatly affected.

Over more than 4,000 Scouts and around 800 no scout volunteers and counting, who joined us, were sent out on more than 80 groups to aid in different regions of Mexico City and the surroundings. We are helping to collect, sort and deliver human aid to those affected by this natural disaster while those who are certified rescue workers have been working alongside the army, navy and civil defence forces in helping rescue people from collapsed and damaged buildings.

The local groups and provincial committees in all the regions of the country are organizing and working with municipal and state agencies, collecting food, clothing, medicines and medical supplies which are being sent to the affected zones.

Though many areas in Mexico City are damaged the city is still standing, as today, three days were declared “free days” so people affected can obtain aid and others can volunteer to help.

In the City of Jojutla Morelos, Puebla and other areas, which were also badly affected, the Provincial Committees are coordinating efforts with Municipal and State agencies.

Efforts are ongoing, Scouts are doing their best, they are giving and are not counting the cost, they are toiling and not looking for a reward and knowing that they are fulfilling their Scout Promise.

We thank each and every one of you for your Prayers and good wishes, for standing with us in our hour of need and offering your help. That’s what Scouting is all about: Building a Better World.

I will be in contact again as soon as we know the full extent of everything. Many thanks for your kind offer.

Yours in Scouting.


Support here: #ScoutAidMexico