TEDx Canberra - Refugees and Scouts

Monday, September 12, 2016

Omar and Saad are Scouts from Syria. They are also students, refugees, residents of Australia and now storytellers for TEDxCanberra. They are inspiring thousands of people to never give up, to not accept injustice and to believe in peace.

During the World Scout Foundation gala dinner in Melbourne earlier this year they led His Majesty and WSF members through their journey and they were surprised to receive a standing ovation, which they took with grace.

Since then, they have continued to inspire audiences, continued to advocate peace and continue to serve their community as active Scouts, active citizens and Messengers of Peace.

On September 3rd, they were invited to give a TEDx talk in Canberra, they shared their passion for pro­mot­ing under­stand­ing and aware­ness of the situ­ation facing Syria and its cit­izens. Once again these humble Scouts received a reaction they are still coming to terms with, a reaction that comes with the respect that they have earned from the actions they have taken, a standing ovation. Congratulations Saad and Omar.