The Ricardo Salinas Fund – Interamerican Leadership Training

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Ricardo Salinas Fund is strengthening the very foundations of Scouting in the Interamerican Region. From supporting National Organisations in Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Venezuela, Honduras and Panama to develop their management infrastructure, outreach programmes, youth programmes and training capacities.

But for Scouts throughout the region, the telling impact of the fund is from the Interamerican Leadership Programme - ILT. The ILT course is developing new and inspiring Scouts to become the leaders for years to come. It’s giving talented young Scouts the opportunity to hone their unmistakable natural leadership skills in a specially designed Scouting academy. It’s essentially a ‘nursery’ of good governance; a place where 70 Scouts a year are developed into well prepared leaders and managers of the next 5, 10 or even 15 years. Whenever they are ready to take up the challenge taking the reigns of leadership in their NSOs.

For the third successive year the 2015 ILT course – hosted in Guatemala at Campo Escuela San Jorge Muxbal – has been a huge success. A participant and Scout from Curaçao, Brandon Koots, described how the course has helped the Scouts “develop and improved our leadership skills to become better young leaders in each of our NSOs and also acquire team-building skills, learn how to manage conflicts, problem-solve, improve our decision-making and project planning.

Most importantly the Ricardo Salinas Fund is developing the whole region in unison and is building a strong network of connected, talented leaders who can “work together to help each other reach the goals set by our NSOs. Creating a better world can never happen if you’re on your own. To do it we should all unite like a family to create the positive change we want to see in our local communities.

Scouts as Messengers of Peace are leaders in communities across the Interamerican Region and around the world, and with the help of the Ricardo Salinas Fund Scouts are inspired to further develop their Leadership skills which will lead to more impacts in communities and eventually a better world. Brandon concludes that “it’s important to show the world that Scouts don’t only tie knots and camp, we also make a difference”.