The Power of Scout Volunteers - Uganda

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Being a prisoner was not just about being locked in a cell, it was also about being excluded from society with no way back in, until I met a prison warden and Scout leader, Geoffrey Abwon, who changed my life” Fred Sitchombo from Uganda explains, whilst standing in his unmissable yellow prison uniform.

Through the Messengers of Peace programme ‘Scouting for peace and justice’, Scouts have been training prison wardens how to make baskets and stools. When these wardens return to their prisons, they will share this knowledge with 4500 inmates right across the country and will be transforming their futures.

The values and hours of volunteering these Scouts have invested with people right at the edge of society, is what makes Scouting so important to people like Fred and the community he will return to.

He will not return as a prisoner, but as someone who is now educated in the values of citizenship and honesty. Scouting has changed the course of Fred’s life. Volunteers have introduced him to the values of Scouting and will thus enable him to live a better and more meaningful life.

Messengers of Peace is empowering its 40 million members and 7 million adult volunteers to put their education in leadership to action, and it’s creating a better world.