Nordea-fonden Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

Thursday, January 12, 2017

True leaders don’t create followers they create more leaders.

In Scouting, the alumni of 500 million people around the world is testament to this. Every year, 40 million active Scouts take their journey towards becoming a leader of tomorrow. The beneficiaries? Every community, every culture and even every fortune 500 business around the world!

So, an investment in Scouting is truly an investment in the bigger picture! On 8th December 2016, Nordea-fonden, a Danish foundation supporting activities which promote good living, was recognised by the World Scout Foundation’s Honorary Chairman, His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, for their investment in Scouting and were welcomed in to the Baden-Powell Circle. With their support, the Scouts of Denmark have had the opportunity to purchase a dedicated place for leadership development – The Youth Island

Once an old military sea fort known as Fort Middlegrund, the Youth Island is currently being transformed into a place where young people from all kinds of communities and youth cultures can come together to create and share ideas and activities. 

The mission for The Youth Island is for it to be the place for leadership development through learning by doing, a place where action takes precedent over classrooms, it’s a place where solutions of our global problems are created by our leaders of tomorrow.

As The Youth Island welcomes young men, women and Scouts from around the world to learn new skills - based on the themes of society, sustainability, outdoor activities, creativity & imagination and innovation - it also welcomes the next generation of leaders. When the Scouts and other youngsters head back to their home countries, the responsibility will be on their shoulders to share, inspire and lead others to act in their community and make the world a better place.

No matter what the action, the skills young people learn in Scouting will be required, from teamwork and communications to governance and decision making, and they are transferable to any situation. They are already being used by Scouts administering first aid after an earthquake in Nepal and by Scouts working in Refugee camps in Turkey.

The island is a beacon of leadership, and Scouts are carrying its light to faraway places.

To find out more about Nordea-fonden, follow this link to their website.

To find out more about The Youth Island, powered by the Scouts,  follow this link