Nepal Earthquake - 10 days on

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

As the death toll rises beyond 7000, the long lasting effects of the Nepalese Earthquake truly begin to materialise. The devastating earthquake that reached 7.8 on the Richter scale has debilitated a region, but aid agencies, volunteers and Scouts are still working together to deliver vital supplies, trace lost family members and search for survivors.

It is with huge pride and gratitude to say that over 130 BP Fellows and Scouts around the world have joined together and donated $32,741.94 directly to the Scouts of Nepal. This compassion has supported 2600 Scouts on the ground in Nepal to:

·       Rescue more than 500 people

·       Offer first aid to the injured

·       Support the distribution of aid

Remember that Scouts are not International Aid agencies. However, they are essential, ready and able community members with a vast wealth of local knowledge.  It is their ability and willingness to work tirelessly with experts from the likes of the British Red Cross, Unicef and the International Medical Corps as well as the Nepalese army, as they try and bring back hope to a devastating situation.

More poignantly it has highlighted that Scouting is a global community that is ready to help in all situations regardless of the location or the disaster. It’s not long ago that Scouts in the Philippines, Vanuatu and Haiti demonstrated the same leadership skills and sense of community during similar circumstances. It’s the commendable quality of Scouting.

Thank you for all of your undeniable support, kind words and action.

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