Founder’s Day: Scouts can and do make a difference.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The 22nd February is an important day for all Scouts around the world. It’s the day Scouts take the time to think about their movement, to celebrate its founder and to demonstrate what it means to be a Scout.

Scouting has inspired millions of young people the world over to get out into the world and make a difference where possible. And Founder’s Day is a time for millions of Scouts to pay homage to the movement through action. Scouts interpret this as turning ‘what I can get’ into ‘what I can give’. And as young leaders and Messengers of Peace in communities around the world, they take action in their neighbourhood with the simple aim of leaving it a little better than they found it.  

Scouts in Goma, and in other communities across Africa take BP’s message literally- they are donating blood!

Here, the Scouts of the Democratic Republic of Congo know exactly what their community needs. The reality of a city living with war, mass human migration and some of the worst diseases in Africa comes hand in hand with the need for blood in hospitals across the city. Thus to recognise Founder’s Day this year the Scouts, in collaboration with a blood donor charity, set up a blood donation centre at their headquarters and provided 72 bags of much needed blood for their community.

For these young people and millions of others around the world, Scouting is the constant that provides them with the opportunity to fulfil their potential. For some it provides leadership and adventure and for others a lifeline and hope. In Goma, it’s all of the above.

It’s truly remarkable to think that yesterday millions of Scouts celebrated a man who inspired them with his dream of creating a better world. His dream is living on and Scouting is changing lives everywhere. Happy Founders Day everyone!