Film Project - "On My Honour"

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Film Project
“On My Honour” will show how Baden-Powell learned from his experiences in Africa that young people of all races and nationalities seem to get along together better than their elders and parents, because young people have no inhibitions or pre-conceived ideas. The film will make a strong point of this and shows how this observation helped B-P formulate his ideas to bring together young people of all races and cultures in an “International movement” thus building a brotherhood of friendship, trust and mutual understanding.

Support from the Scouting World
Trefoil Productions has on file letters of support and encouragement from many countries including Great Britain, the USA and the World Organisation Scout Movement (WOSM). With continued support of the Scouting and Guiding communities, “On My Honour” can flood the world with the Scouting spirit and help WOSM achieve its goal to reach 100 million members worldwide.

Financial benefits
It is Trefoil Productions desire, to structure contracts with the film’s distributors to enable local Scout and Girl Guide units through the World Scout Foundation (WSF) and the Olave Baden-Powell Society (OBPS) to benefit financially by participating in the sale of tickets; thus giving various groups involved the facility to benefit from the film’s proceeds. This will provide tangible assistance to both Scouts and Girl Guides around the world and will enhance the film’s box office success.

Michael Baden-Powell (BP Fellow): "It must be made clear that donations are not being sought, but the film makers are looking for investors. The reason for approaching our colleague B-P Fellows is because a start has to be made somewhere and it is hoped that some of our B-P Fellows through their extensive business network may be able to open a few financial doors thus enabling the all-important production capital to flow."

A short video of the presentation of the Film Project at the Melbourne BP Fellowship Event in 2016 can be found here.

In the brochure more details can be found as well as the contact details of the producer Mr Robert Starling (Trefoil Productions).