Engaged and Active Scouting, Czech Republic

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What is Scouting? What does creating a better world look like? What are Scouts doing to shape and build this better world right now? If these questions come up in discussion today, you should talk about Lucie, a Scout from Czech Republic.

Being quoted as a heroine and inspirer of peace in the New York Times, The Guardian and Huffington post, Lucie, stood up against far-right activists during a neo-Nazi march in Brno yesterday to express her views and values of peace.

Like Lucie, millions of young men and women around the world are increasingly choosing to engage and act, and use their freedom of speech to stand up for themselves, their communities and those who do not have the same simple privilege.

Scouts - an active generation of bright, passionate and determined young people – are increasingly coming out of their Scout halls, huts, tents and campsites to take the lead in their societies and engage others on topics that threaten peace and the direction of their future.

It’s clear that Scouting is much more than tying knots and lighting fires, it’s about values, standing up for the rights of human beings, not being afraid to have an opinion and having the awareness of knowing when and how to express these opinions. As hate marched through society in Czech Republic, Lucie, and her peers courageously stood against it.

We should applaud such bravery, and respect the inspired voices of these young women and men, for they are the present and future leaders of peace all over the world.  

Thank you, Lucie, and the Scouts of the Czech Republic!