Creating a Better World with Scouting

Monday, April 9, 2018

Scouting is global community, at the forefront of developing brilliant leaders and in preparing young men and women the world over to serve their communities with honesty, integrity and courage. 

In Mexico City, at the WSF’s Investor Seminar we heard seven unique stories of how Scouting is transforming lives and communities in the Interamerica Region.

Great stories deserve to be listened to, watched, shared and used to inspire other people to support and join the Scouting community.

What are you waiting for? Watch, Share, Invest


Jessica Perez – Disaster Response in Mexico City

Barbara Palacios – Setting an environmental record in Ecuador

Antoine Junior Jean Brice – Disaster Preparedness in Haiti

Kenia Diaz and Marciela Rosales – Scouting Experience in Tijuana, Mexico

Kevin Oyama – Scouting diversity in the Brazilian Amazon

Nicolas Zapata – Strengthening Scouting in Ecuador

Camilo Ayala – Peace through dialogue in Colombia

Lars Kolind and Craig Turpie – Why is Scouting cost efficient?

If you have time, take a look at the full video here


Supporting the development of more leaders from these projects can be done on the Scout Donation Platform HERE