Building Peace in Scouting - Amahoro Amani

Monday, February 20, 2017

You cannot be at peace if you do not have a house!” Cynthia, a 17 year Rwandan Scout explained, talking from experience.

My neighbour’s house became unliveable as she couldn’t afford repairs, we (Sanda Scout Patrol in Kigale) wanted her to have a house again so we took action.

2000 handmade bricks later this determined young women stands under the safety of her work, which forms one of four buildings that Mary Clementine, Cynthia’s neighbour now calls home.  

Leading her troop of 20 Scouts, Cynthia knew exactly what needed to be done to help her neighbour, she didn’t stand and talk about it she just did it, something the Amohoro Amani Scouts call ‘peace with action’.

The skills required to produce actions like this - leadership, determination and decision making - are not readily available in the formal school system here, in fact it turns out that Cynthia hasn’t been to school for many years. Scouting is her school.

In places where the difference between peace and absolute poverty is determined largely by the action of young community leaders like Cynthia, the impact of Scouting and the reason behind its existence are astoundingly obvious. It’s an education in leadership.

Follow Cynthia’s example, take the lead and support millions of Scouts as Messengers of Peace to transform all communities around the world!