70th Baden-Powell Fellowship Event - Berlin

Monday, April 24, 2017

As the participants make their way back to the four corners of the world, reflecting on their experiences at this year's Baden-Powell Fellowship event, they make their way knowing that their efforts to support Scouting are transforming the lives of Scouts and communities the world over!

As with all BP events, our BP Fellows, led by His Majesty King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden, re-connected and made new friends, as they made their way through the rich history and culture of Berlin. During the event, participants took in the treasures of the German capital at the Rotes Rathaus and the Reichstag Building and to complement these visits, participants also experienced the effects of Scouting in the country. A showcase of German Scouting gave everyone a taste of what an education in learning-by-doing involves here. We were treated to lunch in a traditional Jurte, and experienced first-hand the activities some 200,000 young men and women in Germany call Scouting. To illustrate the results and impacts of Scouting and what it can achieve, representatives from the RdP presented the work they have been doing to welcome and integrate refugees into their communities. We were left in no doubt that Scouting in Germany is both necessary, relavent and vibrant!

Adding to the jam packed programme, the new Secretary General of WOSM, Ahmad Alhendawi, inspired the BP Fellows during the first ever Investor Conference. He described his vision for Scouting and how more than 40 million Scouts around the world can lead the change in making a better world. This, Ahmad said, "is the generation of change makers that can shape the future of the world!" With his leadership and passion, Scouting has a busy and bright future ahead.

To bring BP Fellows together from around the world, to meet with a purpose, creates a special atmosphere of unity and passion. It would not have been possible without the dedication of all of the Germany Scouts who made it a unique experience. Thank you!

To experience Scouting and its impacts in Mexico, join us for next year's event in spring 2018. More details will follow later in the year.