18 May 2017

The UK Scout Association and Derek Pollard (WSF Board Member) warmly welcome you to a Gilwell Reunion Reception on Saturday 2nd September 2017.

10 May 2017

Our 2016 Annual Report features a private insight to a very public man – His Majesty the King of Sweden opens up his home and his heart to the World Scout Foundation network.

04 May 2017

What is Scouting? What does creating a better world look like? What are Scouts doing to shape and build this better world right now?

24 April 2017

As the participants make their way back to the four corners of the world, reflecting on their experiences at this year's Baden-Powell Fel

11 April 2017

INDONESIA, Kaliajir - In Central Java, heavy rains have been pouring in recent months.

04 April 2017

Taking the time to thoughtfully debate and inspire participants in Berlin on the afternoon of Friday 21st April, Ahmad Alhendawi, WOSM Se