Founder’s Heritage

The Founder’s Heritage is an exclusive club open to members of the World Baden-Powell Fellowship

  • It allows you, as a Baden-Powell Fellow, to continue the work started by Baden-Powell, bringing Scouting to more young people in poorer countries of the world.
  • To join, all you have to do is to promise to make a contribution to the World Scout Foundation in your last will and testament
  • No figure needs to be mentioned, your word is enough!
  • Once we receive your commitment form, your name is added to the honour roll of the Founder's Heritage, joining the other Baden-Powell Fellows in this club.

Please contact the World Scout Foundation to obtain an information pack including a note for you or your legal advisor, with details appropriate to the tax system in your country.

Give us a call (+41 22 705 10 90) or send us an email.