Annual Report 2011

30 March 2012
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"Men Skout Yo" - The Scouts are coming!

A universal, now iconic, cry throughout Port-au-Prince whenever a Scout is seen. It began spontaneously, in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. As recognition of a continuing visible presence, aid and bravery from 45,000 Scouts. Who are raised from the community, who serve the community and whose deeds. Have earned them the trust, gratitude and affection of the community.

The National Association of the Scouts of Haiti (ANSH) has had a long history. It began in 1916 and has always provided stability, education and leadership-training in a sometimes insecure land. However, some twenty years ago, the Association’s leadership team led by Gerard-Marie Tardieu made a courageous decision: to continue the excellent work ANSH was doing to train Scouts as leaders - but to take one step further - and focus their leadership on service to a community that really needed help. The team set out a vision which involved the development of the Organisation in terms of the training of its adult leaders, the re-focussing of its youth programmes, and most importantly, perhaps, the re-positioning of the organisation from a recreation to a responsive role. Since then, membership grew from just 3,000 to over 45,000 members. While change was driven from within, support and assistance has also been forthcoming from France and other members of the global Scout network.