Annual Report 2009

1 January 2009
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Ticket to Life

The project is successful because specially selected, trained, Scout leaders permeate underprivileged communities and through prudence, patience, example and leadership become inspirational mentors. Many children become enthused. The skills they acquire by starting school and by becoming Scouts provide hope, purpose and incentive. It allows them previously unavailable opportunities for empowerment, to break free from poverty, a chance to realize dreams and to embark on a journey.

This Annual Report articulates the project of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines to assist street children in Manila, in Davao and the families that subsist on infamous garbage dumps in Zamboanga. The story demonstrates that through projects Scouts have a community-based, pertinent meaning and that all those touched by Scouting get a Ticket to Life.
The World Scout Foundation has a supportive role in Scout projects. Its commitment to help can further the reach of the young men and women, the Scouts, whose voluntary dedication is helping so many underprivileged people, enabling many who would otherwise remain marginalized and unfulfilled to begin a journey and get a Ticket to Life.